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Donna Finley

I am enjoying TearRestore for my MGD issues. I like being able to see while doing my heat compresses. I also like the heat packs stay warm for 10 min. and you do not have to reheat, and they are not too hot, which happens when you use a microwave to heat your eye mask.

M. Morton

Grateful to have this product for treating severe dry eye. I can easily use it numerous times a day. I found that if I insert the heat pack into the mask before I activate it that it works better for me. Another tip is to not tighten the strap too much so vision remains clear.

Stephanie L

I've been having to do warm compresses to help with my dryness for the past year and I have always felt much better after, but it wasn't convenient for me. And since I had to heat my eye mask in the microwave it didn't always feel sanitary. But I'm so happy my eye doctor told me about this product and showed me the whole kit! It's so much more convenient and easier to keep my daily schedule. I went back to buy the kettle though just because it's so much easier the use that than boiling the water myself. I also really appreciated my doctor's office explaining how to use everything so well!


Liked at first purchased bundle with kettle however all three masks stopped heating up to original temperature in less than 2 months which is less than 60 days not happy for $130. Followed all directions. Now it’s past the 30 day return policy.

Jeremy Spencer

I use my mask daily and it’s helping my dry eyes. I would recommend to others with dry eyes!!

Theresa B

The TearRestore mask has become an important part of providing meibomian gland health for me. It allows freedom to see and to do other self-care tasks while effectively maintaining an optimum temperature (unlike other masks that require heating in the microwave). I can do some of my lying-down exercise routines without the heavy weight other masks impose on my eyes. An additional plus is that I can blink my eyes to help stimulate the function of the meibomian glands. The inner packets have a long life and are easily renewed and kept sanitary via the handy heating pot. Thank you TearRestore for simplifying my daily eye health routine!

Christine K

It didn’t work as well as I hoped for me. I thought it would be a good alternative to the bruder eye mask. I like that you can still see while wearing it but it just didn’t work as well for my condition.


It was too large for my head, uncomfortable. Made a seam in back but it still did not feel good.


I have severe dry eye; this is quite painful. Using TearRestore has been a total blessing. I get the maximum relief when I use the mask, twice a day. It's so EASY and CONVENIENT -- plus it really works!

Molly K

My mom told me about TearRestore and it has helped me so much.

I have been struggling with dry eyes for years. It has affected my mental health as I have had to stop doing things I enjoy. Some days it is really bad to the point where I don’t want to wake up because it burns a lot and blinking feels like sandpaper on my eyes. Sometimes I take a sick day from work because my eyes hurt so much. I have had to stop playing video games and doing art projects because any detailed worked would hurt my eyes after a few minutes. I was oversleeping to avoid the pain and stopping the things I enjoyed. Doctors tell me my eyes are normal and nothing is physically wrong. Eye drops only provide temporary relief for a minute or so and then my eyes are dry again.

I have been using TearRestore for 3 months and it has helped me a lot. I can finally make tears when I blink and I have been having less bad days. It is letting me do things I enjoy more like playing video games and doing art projects, things that I struggled to do with my dry eyes. I do and will continue to recommend this to anyone struggling with dry eyes. Thank you so much for your products.

Matthew L

So great! I can actually do things while warming my eyes


I love the product.

Frequently asked questions

How do I use the TearRestore Mask?

Please refer to the instructions on inside of the TearRestore box and the videos here! Make sure your heat packs are kept at room temperature. They will not get up to temperature if cold. Or send us a question at contact@tearrestore.com

Can I microwave the heat packs?

No! TearRestore heat packs contain metal triggers and should not be placed in the microwave. The heat packs are reactivated by being placed in boiling water for a few minutes. The best way to reactivate the packs is with our One-Touch Boiler* *the kettle is programmed to stop heating once water is boiling but it does need to be turned off within a couple of hours. There is a keep warm setting which is useful for reactivate several heat packs at once, which starts boiling the water again once the water cools. If left for too long the water can evaporate and damage the heat packs.

Will the heat reach my upper eyelid?

Yes! The TearRestore design avoids the eye and targets the eyelids. While slighly less heat is directly applied to the upper lid rather than the lower lid, the skin is also much thinner and does not need as much heat to express.

How do I request a refund/return?

Use the link here to download a refund request form. Fill out the form and email to contact@tearrestore.com and we will respond within seven business days. A request refund form must be attached to the request to receive a refund. TearRestore allows refunds up to 30 days from day of purchase for U.S. orders. No returns accepted for sales outside of the U.S.

Why aren't my heat packs hot enough?

Make sure your heat packs are kept at room temperature. They will not get as hot if they are cold. As long as heat packs are kept at room temperature, they will reach a theraputic temperature!

Can I wear my glasses with the mask?

Yes! The frame of your glasses can be tucked into the strap to help hold the glasses in position. It may take some adjusting and may not work for all types of glasses.

How do I contact TearRestore?

If you need to react out to use you can email contact@tearrestore.com or call us at 612-584-9232

What if I receive a heat pack that has already been activated? (A solid heat pack)

We make sure our heat packs are not activated when shipped out, and we package them in a way to protect them from handling. Unfortunately, they can sometimes activate during shipping/handling. If this happens you can boil the heat pack(s) for a couple of minutes to reactivate and it should be good as new!

What if a heat pack start to crystallize or become solid after I boil it?

First thing to try is boil the heat packs a little longer. The heat packs can be boiled longer than the couple of minutes recommended in the instructions. The heat packs need to become completely liquid before cooling down, or else the pack will turn back to solid.

Should I use one heat pack over and over until it no longer works, or should I cycle through all of my heat packs?

It is recommended to cycle through all of your heat packs for treatment. This may be beneficial for the stability of the heat packs.

If you have questions about your eye health, contact your physician.


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"What a great idea! I'm so glad someone came up with a product that allows me to see while I am getting relief!"


—  Micki