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Helpful Tips

Massage Heat Pack

Make sure to massage the heat pack when activated. This will help evenly disperse the heat throughout the mask, and it helps keep the mask from hardening too quickly. 

Boil Thoroughly

If the contents of the heat pack don't completely turn back to liquid, there is a chance it will turn back into a solid. If you have a pack that turns to solid after boiling, try to boil it for a few extra minutes (15 minutes max). Also, make sure to let the heat packs cool to room temperature after boiling before using them again. 

Bend Mask Frame

The mask is more flexible than you may think. If you feel the plastic mask isn't fitting the shape of your face, you can bend the mask using your hands for the perfect fit! The heat packs should still fit the mask wherever it is adjusted. 

Store As Liquid

It is recommended to store the heat packs as a liquid if you aren't going to use them every day. This will help extend the lifetime of the heat packs.

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At TearRestore, we aim to make the entire experience as quick and easy as possible. So, whether this is your first experince with a warm compress or have been using them for years, TearRestore is for you.

TearRestore Thermal Mask Instructions
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Setup Is Easy

"Click" the Metal Disc

Within the heat pack there is a small metal disc. Flex the metal disc back and forth until crystals start to form; this will activate the pack and you will begin to feel the heat. Massage the pack until heated evenly. DO NOT MICROWAVE

Consistent Treatment

Insert Heat Pack Into Mask

The TearRestore mask has specially designed hooks around the eye holes. Simply match the eye holes of the heat pack with the mask and hook the edges of the heat pack onto the mask.

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Made For Everyone

Adjust Strap

Test the temperature of the heat pack with the back of your hand. If too warm, wait 1 minute before placing TearRestore mask and activated heat pack over your head. Adjust to be able to see through the eye holes, pull the straps until comfortable, and then relax and/or continue your day!

Clean Every Use

Reset the Heat Pack

The TearRestore heat packs are easily reset in boiling water for a duration of 5-10 minutes or a TearRestore One-Click Kettle*. All contents of the heat pack should be completely liqud before removing from the boiling water. Remove the pack from the boiling water, let it cool, and it’s ready to use again! 

 *the kettle is programmed to stop heating once water is boiling but it does need to be turned off within a couple of hours. There is a keep warm setting which is useful for reactivating several heat packs at once, which starts boiling the water again once the water cools. If left for too long the water can evaporate and damage the heat packs.

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—  Stephanie

"I'm so happy my eye doctor told me about this product and showed me the whole kit! It's so much more convenient and easier to keep my daily schedule."

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