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TearRestore Thermal Mask 2.0

Since launching the first open-eye warm compress two years ago, the TearRestore team has collected and implemented thousands of product reviews to develop a new and improved Thermal Mask. Highlights of the new TearRestore Thermal Mask include: • A softer matte-white frame • Improved heat pack temperature control • More liquid in each heat pack for longer-lasting heat • Softer heat pack vinyl for better comfort • Thinner metal clicker for easier activation

And, a lower entry-level price of $44.99!

For a few dollars more than a microwavable mask, you can now enjoy the convenience and effectiveness of the TearRestore Open-Eye Thermal Mask.

A great warm compress a day, keeps meibomian gland dysfunction away. Get your dry eye treatment today at

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—  Stephanie

"I'm so happy my eye doctor told me about this product and showed me the whole kit! It's so much more convenient and easier to keep my daily schedule."

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