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How to Find your Dry Eye Expert

Often your general eye care provider will diagnose dry eye, and prescribe different eye drops or artificial tears to help treat symptoms. When symptoms do not improve, or there are more severe cases, an eye specialist is needed. If severe dry eye goes untreated, it could lead to vision loss. In the medical field, there are doctors that choose to specialize in Dry Eye and are committed to being at the forefront of new medical treatments. Dr. Leigh Plowman is one of those doctors. Dr. Plowman is an Australian dry eye specialist, focused on utilizing the best treatments from around the world. As a respected optometrist, he believes dry eyes shouldn’t affect people’s quality of life or doing what they love. Dr. Plowman built a site to help educate patients on their condition and assist them with finding a dry eye specialist. The first step one can take to treating dry eyes is learning the symptoms and causes of it. The perfect place for an extensive review of the most important information you need is at

Once you have a general idea of your symptoms, and are educated in the cause of dry eye, it is important to find a dry eye clinic. A great place to start is at the dry eye directory at This platform allows you to search across the world for a dry eye specialist at any location convenient for you. The dry eye directory has a great list of resources and array of information which all can benefit from familiarizing themselves with.

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