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Famous People Who Suffer From Dry Eye?

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

More than 30 million Americans suffer from dry eye. Included in that number are well-known actresses Jennifer Aniston and Marisa Tomei who have been open about their dry eye struggles.

Aniston has said previously that she was “addicted to eye drops” and to her friends that “you should take care of your eye health like you would any other condition.” (2)

Similarly, Tomei explained that she did not know she had a problem until she went to a doctor and was told, “that it is a very common disease.” (1)

Aniston and Tomei have spoken out about eye health and specifically making sure to take the necessary steps to improve dry eye. They have experienced the frustrations of dry eye and the relief that comes with treating the underlying cause.

Additionally, Ken Jeong, best known for his performance in The Hangover, is now a doctor and spokesperson for dry eye. He now urges Americans to take their eye health more seriously, after taking decades to address his own dry eye symptoms.

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