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Dry Eyes in the Workplace

Many of us struggle with staying focused, interested, and engaged with the current online setting of the workplace. What can make this even more difficult, you may ask? Dry eyes. According to, workplace performance is determined to be reduced by 30% due to dry eye disease. Interestingly, 72% of those with DED in the study use over the counter eye drops, but unfortunately only 37% of these employees have any improvement in symptoms. Evidently, dry eye disease is something many struggle with but cannot seem to find the right form of treatment for their body and lifestyle. Furthermore, 69% of dry eye disease sufferers have not seen an eye care provider. Although dry eye disease appears to be solvable through at home remedies, optometrists can provide patients with great recommendations. These recommendations are useful for people that are either a tad lazy to do their own research or have tried over the counter treatments and have not received any luck. Finally, a fun exercise for those looking for quick and easy relief is Dr. Stiles’s eye crunches to relieve dry eye symptoms. Dr. Steven Stiles is an optometrist in the Fort Smith area working at eye group and offers designer eyewear and eyecare technology. information can be found here.

Goodhew, Jeff. “Dry Eye Disease – Effect in the Workplace.” My Dry Eye, 18 July 2017,

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