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Cold Compress Dry Eye Remedies

You hear a lot about warm compresses used to treat dry eyes, but have you ever explored cold compress remedies? A cold compress improves the circulation of blood around the eyes. According to the Dry Eye Directory, the cold sensation helps relieve the burning or painful feeling due to the eye strain. It is also an excellent remedy for eye strains due to overexposure to screens, reducing the irritation and headaches that are caused by eye strains. With the online setting that has emerged in our society due to COVID 19, eye strains are much more common. It is important to treat them proactively and a great way to do that is using a cold compress remedy.

Do you have summer allergies and are sick of staying inside? The beautiful summer weather is almost impossible to resist. However, summer allergies are a huge detergent. Ocular allergies affect millions of people worldwide. Whether your allergies are constant or intermittent, don’t let them hinder your daily activities. A great way to relieve watery eyes and congestion is through (you guessed it!) a cold compress. Gently apply the compress to your eyes to relieve swelling and inflammation associated with eye allergies. A cold compress is a great way to mitigate allergies, and a great tool you can DIY right from your home!

Another effective way to use cold compress is for beauty and cosmetic benefits. Do you ever feel alarmed after waking up and looking in the mirror because you have dark eye bags or puffy eyes? Before going out, hanging out with friends, or even going to the grocery store, its quick and easy to apply a cold compress to start your day.

TearRestore Cold Compress: Place liquid TearRestore heat packs in the refrigerator* for >30 minutes before use Attach cooled heat pack to the TearRestore Mask as usual Put the TearRestore Mask on and enjoy the relief of the most convenient cold compress *do not place heat packs in the freezer.

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