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Am I suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome?

Recent studies have concluded that nearly 17 million Americans have been diagnosed with Dry Eye Syndrome and as many as 6 million more have reported Dry Eye Syndrome symptoms (1).

If you believe you may suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome, it is important to understand the symptoms and treatment options. Dry Eye Syndrome symptoms include (3):

· Burning or stinging sensation in the eyes

· Stringy mucus in or around eyes

· Puss or discharge upon waking up

· Sensitivity to light

· Eye redness

· A sensation of having something in your eyes

· Difficulty wearing contact lenses

· Difficulty with nighttime driving

· Watery eyes

When searching for solutions, it is important to understand a key anatomical structure that contributes to symptoms of dry eye. The meibomian gland is largely responsible for properly lubricating the surface of the eyes. While artificial tears offer temporary relief, artificial lubrication does not address the underlying cause. For 90% of individuals with Dry Eye Syndrome, the solution is consistent, proper warming of the meibomian glands (2). The TearRestore Dry Eye system addresses this problem by heating the meibomian glands to the correct temperature and treating the underlying cause of Dry Eye Syndrome. TearRestore is superior to competitors as it offers the optimal temperature, retains heat for longer, and allows you to see while being treated.

Try our physician-approved system now to treat the cause of dry eye, not just the symptoms.

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2) Nichols, Kelly. The International Workshop on Meibomian Gland Dysfunction: Executive Summary. Investigative Ophthalmology Vision Science. 2011 Mar; 52(4): 1922–1929.

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