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The TearRestore HylaWipe™ offers eyelid cleansing and skin care all in one! The HylaWipe™ has hyaluronic acid and natural plant extracts to calm the skin around your eyes, while also providing effective eyelid cleansing compounds to clean your eyelids. The result of this easy-to-use wipe is clean, comfortable, and hydrated eyelids.


Each package comes with 30 individually wrapped pre-moistened towelettes.

HylaWipe™ Tea Tree Eyelid Wipes


Estimated Shipping and Delivery: 3–5 business days

  • How do I use the TearRestore Mask?
    Please refer to the instructions on inside of the TearRestore box and the videos here! Make sure your heat packs are kept at room temperature. They will not get up to temperature if cold. Or send us a question at
  • Can I microwave the heat packs?
    No! TearRestore heat packs contain metal triggers and should not be placed in the microwave. The heat packs are reactivated by being placed in boiling water for a few minutes. The best way to reactivate the packs is with our One-Touch Boiler* *the kettle is programmed to stop heating once water is boiling but it does need to be turned off within a couple of hours. There is a keep warm setting which is useful for reactivate several heat packs at once, which starts boiling the water again once the water cools. If left for too long the water can evaporate and damage the heat packs.
  • Should I use one heat pack over and over until it no longer works, or should I cycle through all of my heat packs?"
    It is recommended to cycle through all of your heat packs for treatment. This may be beneficial for the stability of the heat packs.
  • What if a heat pack start to crystallize or become solid after I boil it?
    First thing to try is boil the heat packs a little longer. The heat packs can be boiled longer than the couple of minutes recommended in the instructions. The heat packs need to become completely liquid before cooling down, or else the pack will turn back to solid.
  • What if I receive a heat pack that has already been activated? (A solid heat pack)
    We make sure our heat packs are not activated when shipped out, and we package them in a way to protect them from handling. Unfortunately, they can sometimes activate during shipping/handling. If this happens you can boil the heat pack(s) for a couple of minutes to reactivate and it should be good as new!
  • Will the heat reach my upper eyelid?
    Yes! The TearRestore design avoids the eye and targets the eyelids. While slighly less heat is directly applied to the upper lid rather than the lower lid, the skin is also much thinner and does not need as much heat to express.
  • Can I wear my glasses with the mask?
    Yes! The frame of your glasses can be tucked into the strap to help hold the glasses in position. It may take some adjusting and may not work for all types of glasses.
  • Why aren't my heat packs hot enough?
    Make sure your heat packs are kept at room temperature. They will not get as hot if they are cold. As long as heat packs are kept at room temperature, they will reach a theraputic temperature!
  • How do I request a refund/return?
    Use the link here to download a refund request form. Fill out the form and email to and we will respond within seven business days. A request refund form must be attached to the request to receive a refund. TearRestore allows refunds up to 30 days from day of purchase for U.S. orders. No returns accepted for sales outside of the U.S.
  • How do I contact TearRestore?
    If you need to react out to use you can email or call us at 612-584-9232
  • If you have questions about your eye health, contact your physician.
    If you have questions about your eye health, contact your physician.

Long-Term Eye Health Begins Here

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Effectively relieve eye irritation with clinically-proven dry eye relief solutions.

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The Dry Eye Relief Duo Wiping Away the Competition

Maximize relief with preventative, doctor-approved solutions at home and on-the-go

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What Causes Dry Eye?

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) is the most common cause of dry eyes because the oil glands in your eyelids get hard and blocked. This makes your tears evaporate too quickly, leading to irritation.

To help, you need to clean and warm your eyelids every day to alleviate blocked oil glands and prevent chronic discomfort.

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