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Introducing TearRestore:

Dry Eye Relief for $79

Dr. Ryan Corte Reviews TearRestore

"Despite the proven efficacy of warm compresses in many clinical studies, compliance is often poor due to the time required and the difficulty in maintaining the temperature of the compress for an extended period of time"

- TFOS International Dry Eye Workshop II


The Days of Washcloths and Microwavable Masks are Over

Cumbersome solutions such as microwavable masks cool too quickly and are a time consuming burden on your daily routine. When performed daily, you will spend almost four full days a year performing a minimally effective treatment

Closed Eye

"[Currently] the only way to maintain the needed heat is to replace the compress with a freshly heated compress every two minutes."

- Dr. Eric D. Donnenfeld, MD

TearRestore Removes the Hassles of Traditional Warm Compresses and Delivers the Relief You Are Looking For

TearRestore provides consistent heat exactly where you need it - and it is designed to fit within your daily routine. TearRestore's user friendly device makes it easy to find time to treat your eyes.

Convenient Packages

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TearRestore $79.99

TearRestore Mask, 2 Reusable Heat Packs

The TearRestore product is the ideal warm compress for your eyes. It delivers therapeutic heat where you need it and not where you don't.  This pack includes 2 reusable heat packs which provides as many as 180 treatments.

Science First Approach


Precise Heat

Targeted Treatment

Ease of Use

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Blue Eyes
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Effective Every Time

Where You Need It

We designed our heat packs to maintain a specific amount of heat based on the most up to date clinical studies. This provides assurance that you are receiving the best possible treatment every use.

The TearRestore mask was designed based on the anatomy of the eye. Applicators on the inside of the mask direct the heat specifically to the oil glands within the eyelids, avoiding sensitive areas of the eye.

Full Spectrum Analysis

Our team has worked tirelessly to make it as easy as possible for you to treat your eyes, from the design of a reusable heat pack, to the development of a one-touch kettle for reactivation. Supplying you with the best experience is our priority.

"I Love That I Can See and Don't Need a Microwave"

- Ruby, Real Estate Agent & Dry Eye Sufferer

"What a great idea! I'm so glad someone came up with a product that allows me to see while I am getting relief!"


—  Micki