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The new TearRestore heat packs include the following improvements.


  • Better temperature control to ensure you get the right amount of heat
  • More liquid in each heat pack for longer lasting heat
  • Softer vinyl for better comfort
  • Thinner metal clicker for easier activation


TearRestore Heat Pack Replacements provide up to 180 additional therapeutic treatments. Includes two TearRestore heat packs.

TearRestore Heat Packs (set of two)

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$33.99every 3 months until canceled
  • Includes two TearRestore heat packs


Find Dry Eye Relief by Treating the Cause

TearRestore's physician-backed products make it simple to find and maintain an effective treatment routine. The earlier and more consistent you treat the condition, the better your long-term eye health will be.

The Cause of Dry Eye Syndrome

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) is the primary cause of Dry Eye Syndrome and occurs when the oil glands within the eyelids (Meibomian glands) harden and become clogged. Without enough oil, the tears evaporate too quickly which leads to irritation often experienced after activities such as extended computer use. The best treatment for MGD is to clean and warm the eyelids daily. These therapies remove obstructions and soften the oil within the Meibomian glands to improve the outflow of oil. If left untreated, clogged oil glands can deteriorate over time and result in chronic pain.

Dr. Blackwelder Explains Dry Eye

Real Results

To date, TearRestore products have helped thousands of dry eye sufferers manage their condition by developing easy-to-implement treatment routines. To see top doctors review TearRestore products or read product reviews, click here.

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