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What the Doctor Ordered

Updated: May 6, 2021

Dr. Omar Awad is here to give us reasons why TearRestore is the best option for you. TearRestore provides natural dry eye relief for patients quickly due to its innovative and effective technology. The masks allow for the human eye to produce tears naturally, which in return relieves dry eyes. TearRestore removes the hassle associated with traditional warm eye compresses. The magic behind the TearRestore mask is the immediate response and relief the eye receives after treatment.

Did you know, that with traditional warm compress, a patient will actually spend the equivalent of 4 full days a year blindfolded? However, TearRestore mask’s unique design permits the use of vision throughout the treatment, and allows eyelids to blink which functions to redistribute tear film over eye surface. You can stay active, work, and do just about anything while simultaneously treating your dry eyes!

To learn more about why you need TearRestore, click the link to Dr. Awad’s educational video linked below:

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—  Stephanie

"I'm so happy my eye doctor told me about this product and showed me the whole kit! It's so much more convenient and easier to keep my daily schedule."

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