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What Is The Solution To Dry Eye?

Meibomian gland dysfunction is the number one cause of dry eye syndrome. Over the years, the most effective treatment recommended by doctors for dry eye has been proven to be a warm compress (1). Doctors recommend this because a warm compress heats the meibomian glands to soften the stagnate meibum and treat the underlying cause of dry eye, not just the symptoms.

Studies have shown that the correct temperature for treatment is 104-113 degrees. They also show that the heat must be consistent for 5-15 minutes to be effective.

A recent study showed that a washcloth warmed in the microwave reaches about 103 degrees and after 15 minutes its temperature falls to below 86 degrees. This demonstrates that washcloth treatment does not provide enough heat for the necessary amount of time to treat dry eye syndrome.

To address this problem, microwavable masks have been created that can hold consistent heat for a longer period. The problem with these masks is their variability due to the individual's heat tolerances and the difficulty of determining how much heat is too much or too little.

The Tear Restore System provides new technology that heats to the correct temperature for the correct amount of time to treat dry eye syndrome better than a washcloth and any microwavable mask on the market.

If you have dry eye, try the Tear Restore system today.

1) Nichols, Kelly. The International Workshop on Meibomian Gland Dysfunction:

Executive Summary. Investigative Ophthalmology Vision Science. 2011 Mar; 52(4):


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