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TearRestore Announces Positive Clinical Trial Results for Patients with Dry Eye Disease

Company’s Thermal Mask Receives Overwhelmingly Promising Results in a Study Independently Conducted by the University of Colorado

Study Reveals a 90% Increase in Tear Break-up Time, 51% Reduction in Dry Eye Symptoms and 40% Increase in Gland Function

St. Paul, MN - March 9, 2023 - TearRestore, today announced positive top-line results for a study conducted by the University of Colorado on “The Effect of Warm Compress Therapy on Dry Eye Disease,” using the TearRestore Thermal Mask.

The trial collected data from a population of 22 eyes (age 18-89) of any race, gender or ethnicity and diagnosed with Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) - the most common cause of Dry Eye Disease - over 28–60 days. The study produced very positive results, including:

  • A 90% increase in tear break-up time

  • A 51% reduction in dry eye symptoms

  • A 40% increase in functional meibomian glands

“We are thrilled with the results of the University of Colorado study. They further confirm that the TearRestore Mask offers patients an unparalleled experience by providing sustained heat and the ability to see throughout the treatment, which will improve efficacy and compliance,” says Ken DauSchmidt, co-founder and CEO of TearRestore. “No other thermal mask can provide this level of effectiveness.”

Study assessments were performed before a single 10 minute session of wearing the TearRestore Mask and then study assessments were repeated after the 10 minute single session had been completed. Additionally, subjects extended the use of the TearRestore Mask at home for a period of 28 to 60 days for a 10 minute time period one time per day and recorded the use in a diary.

“By showing that the mask is effective in altering Meibomian gland secretions at a single visit, the study proves that this novel treatment could potentially offer the millions of patients suffering from MGD a more convenient and effective way to treat the condition,” DauSchmidt adds.

Warm compress treatments have been historically recommended as part of the standard of care by eye physicians and are an important means in treating MGD. TearRestore’s mask, however, has proven to be in a league of its own, according to medical professionals who have used the mask with their patients.

"I've been recommending warm compresses to my dry eye patients for years, but it’s exciting to finally have an effective product that patients can simply grab off the shelf after their visit,” says Dr. Tommy Elton, OD and CEO of 8 independent Target Optical locations.

The TearRestore Thermal Mask is available at and Amazon and more information on the study can be found here.

About TearRestore

TearRestore was born in 2020 in a graduate program at the University of Minnesota with the support of the National Science Foundation. Students working in an eye care clinic witnessed shortcomings associated with Dry Eye and created a solution. They used the stories of those affected most by the condition and developed a product that provided the patient’s relief.

The Company, with the advisement of industry leading clinicians, continues to develop products that put the patients’ needs first and has been awarded NSF honors for product innovations.

For more information, please visit

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