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TearRestore Announces First of Its Kind Dry Eye Solutions; Now Available at Target Nationwide

TearRestore’s Thermal Mask & HylaWipe™ Tea Tree Eyelid Wipes Are On Shelves at Targets Across The U.S. &; Endorsed by Target Optical Clinicians

St. Paul, MN - April 4, 2023 - TearRestore, who offers a suite of FDA cleared products that support dry eye relief, today announced its Thermal Mask and Eyelid Wipes will now be available at Target stores nationwide and at Both products will be the number one recommendation for dry eye by Target’s in-store Optometrists.

With over 16.4 million adults in the U.S. diagnosed with Dry Eye Syndrome, there has been a significant increase of research and awareness of the potential risks of the disease and the impact it has on the patient’s quality of life. The Thermal Mask and Eye Wipe offer alternative options to artificial tears (eye drops) and are gaining popularity given their ability to directly address the problem rather than masking it temporarily.

“To be a brand entrusted by Target and endorsed by Target Optical is a major accomplishment for TearRestore, further proving the superior effectiveness of our dry eye solutions,” says Ken DauSchmidt, co-founder and CEO of TearRestore. “By partnering with Target, TearRestore inches closer to achieving its goal of offering millions of patients suffering from Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) a more convenient and effective way to treat the condition.”

The TearRestore Thermal Mask is the first and only open-eye warm compress. The device offers dry eye sufferers consistent heat, the ability to see during treatment, and natural expression of the Meibomian Glands (blinking) throughout use. The mask recently received overwhelmingly positive results in a study conducted by the University of Colorado, including a 90% increase in tear break-up time, a 51% reduction in dry eye symptoms and 40% increase in functional meibomian glands.

The TearRestore HylaWipe™ Tea Tree Eyelid Wipe combines a mild concentration of tea tree leaf oil with premium moisturizing compounds. The result is a cleanser that removes debris/makeup, soothes irritation, and leaves you with visibly healthy eyes. The wipes contain an advanced formula of premium skin care ingredients and natural plant extracts, including hyaluronic acid, green tea extract, aloe, and chamomile. The wipes do not require any rinsing after use, making it convenient for use outside of the home.

Dr. Tommy Elton, OD and CEO of 8 independent Target Optical locations says, "I've been recommending warm compresses to my dry eye patients for years, but it’s exciting to finally have an effective product that patients can simply grab off the shelf after their visit.”

The TearRestore Thermal Mask & HylaWipes™ are now available at Target stores nationwide and at for $39.99 and $18.99 respectively.

About TearRestore

TearRestore was born in 2020 in a graduate program at the University of Minnesota with the support of the National Science Foundation. Students working in an eye care clinic witnessed shortcomings associated with Dry Eye and created a solution. They used the stories of those affected most by the condition and developed a product that provided the patient’s relief. The Company, with the advisement of industry leading clinicians, continues to develop products that put the patients’ needs first and has been awarded NSF honors for product innovations.

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