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Predators With Dry Eye?

Who are the creatures with the best eyesight in the world? Eagles and Falcons. Their eyes face forward which gives them incredible binocular vision. This binocular vision helps them spot prey from high above and dive to catch it. They can see something as small as a squirrel from more than a mile away. Eagles and Falcons use their eyes every day to survive. Because of this, dry eye could potentially be a difficult challenge for them. If their eyes were itchy and lacked tears, they would be unable to see as well and would not be able to catch prey.

Next, the cheetah. Cheetahs have amazing eyesight, but they are known for their speed. Cheetahs can run up to 80 MPH. They chase their prey down with their immense speed. However, cheetahs are also dependent upon their eyes. They need to be able to see prey from far away and track it until they are ready to sprint and obtain a meal. When moving at such speeds, it is likely that Cheetahs could develop dry eye. Similar to the Eagles and Falcons, dry eye could inhibit the cheetah from maximizing their hunting capabilities and could also be difficult to treat on the savannah.

Here at TearRestore we care immensely about the human eye. We want every individual who has dry eye to be able to treat the underlying cause and not have to worry about drops or other methods to function daily. We are unable to help Eagles, Falcons, and Cheetahs with this challenge, but we can help humans all over the world. Check out our TearRestore system to treat the cause of dry eye.


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