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Independent ECPs are Expanding with TearRestore

Meet Dr. Andy Hawari

Incorporating any new product can be quite difficult starting from staff training and education, to new processes and showing people why this product is the future. Dr. Hawari is a great example of a medical professional who focuses on the happiness and safety of his patients. When Dr. Hawari brings in new tech, he first and foremost focuses on the safety and efficacy of the product. He told TearRestore that “while I’m always open to new ideas and often referred as an early adapter, I consider both patient care benefit as well as profitability of the product.  Most small items/product have very little financial reward so it is usually more about ease to sell and to benefit patient”. Essentially, it is important that the cost of each product is warranted by the quality in experience during and after use, in the patient’s mind. Furthermore, Dr. Hawari performs an analysis on the product’s business model, assessing COGS vs MSRP over a 3-year time period. Lastly, it is important to see the people who stand by the company. This shows that a company has a vision and the people committed to the execution of that vision.

How Dr. Hawari chose TearRestore

After a lot of research and thorough analysis of TearRestore as a company and its products, Dr. Hawari chose to bring TearRestore into his clinic to help patients. Looking at the efficacy and safety of TearRestore, it was determined that the TearRestore mask achieved a 29% objective LLT improvement after a single treatment and currently has a robust 50 patient study underway at the University of Colorado. In terms of experience, TearRestore was developed with the patient experience in mind. The open-eye experience allows the patient to build the daily warm compress into their routine and live a less burdened life. Moreover, 50% margin on TearRestore’s premium products generates increased revenue for clinics immediately. Furthermore, patients require replacement heat packs in 3-6 months which produces recurring revenue indefinitely. Lastly, there are 4 important people behind TearRestore that bring the vision to life. Ken DauSchmidt, CEO, is a biomedical engineer; Joseph Hendrickson studied Material Science with years of experience in medical device manufacturing; Scott Hauswirth OD FAOO, and Omar Awad MD FACS.

Why TearRestore?

When Dr. Hawari was asked about where TearRestore fit into his criteria, he explained that “ TearRestore filled a need for a good heat treatment that I believe patients would actually be willing and able to do with less disruption to their lives.  The ability to get a solid 10 min heat treatment without stopping everything they are doing gives a high likelihood of applying the treatment.   Vision Source practices tend to be more medically focused than many other practices that focused primarily on the sell of glasses and contact lenses.   TearRestore has added a needed improvement to my Vision Source practice.  Healthy eyes also need glasses and contacts.   Patients will likely do business with the ones who help with their eye health care”.


TearRestore has had top notch feedback from patients and users all around the globe. A treatment like TearRestore would be a benefit to your clinic due to its ability to treat the cause of dry eye using safe and efficient processes.

Checkout Dr. Andy Hawari’s clinic:

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—  Stephanie

"I'm so happy my eye doctor told me about this product and showed me the whole kit! It's so much more convenient and easier to keep my daily schedule."

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