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Dr. Lillie's Three-Step Dry Eye Solution

Every once and awhile we come across a blog that is too good not to share. Dr. Lillie is a world class optometric physician that earned numerous academic honors including Valedictorian/Suma Cum Laude from Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago. He started a blog to highlighting common issues and frequently asked questions from patients in the optometry world.

Dr. Nicholas Lillie and the Family Vision staff provide complete and comprehensive eye care in a comfortable, state of the art environment. Their goal is to enhance your overall quality of life by improving and preserving your current level of vision, preventing blindness and promoting your best ocular health.

A blog that stands out is about dry eyes in the winter. A patient asked “My eyes are dry and watering a lot this winter but there are so many eye drops! Which ones should I get?”. Dr. Lillie makes several good reccomendations, stating Visine is especially not an option due to long term harm it brings to the eye. Additionally, a great remedy during months with excessive dry eye present is TearRestore’s open eye thermal heat mask and HylaWipe.

Additionally, Dr. Lillie follows a three-step process using TearRestore’s heat mask mentioned above. Here is how You're Treating Dry Eye Wrong

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