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Blurry Vision with Dry Eyes

Having dry eyes frequently can impair your vision in multiple ways. If your tears lack oil, your eyes will dry out and be overly watery. Both dry eyes and excessive tearing can lead to blurred vision. Having eyes that feel extremely dry can make you blink hard because your eyelids tend to stick to your eyeballs.

Without blinking, tears can’t spread across your eyes. You may feel like your eyelids are tugging on your eyes. When you can’t blink as you usually would, it can become harder to see. If this is your situation, you’re also likely producing an excessive amount of tears. Too many tears flowing into and out of your eyes can also make it difficult to see.

All the extra fluid can make your vision blurry. This is similar to how it feels when you open your eyes underwater. Everything is blurry, and it becomes difficult to define any objects. Without treating your dry eyes, ensuring you’re producing enough tears that stay in your eyes, you can develop vision problems.

If the problem persists, dry eye can damage your eyes and permanently impair your vision. If you have chronic dry eyes, it’s best to see your eye doctor immediately. Doing so can help prevent long-term damage and help you see better.

Dry eye syndrome can affect tear production and the quality of your tears. In response, your eyes can start to feel tired, irritated, and even itchy. As these symptoms progress, it’ll become harder for you to focus and find clear vision.

To conclude, dry eyes and blurry vision are two common eye symptoms that are closely related. When eyes become too dry, due to poor tear production, they can cause blurry vision.

Blurred vision is one of the primary symptoms of dry eyes. Blurred vision, however, does not cause dry eyes.

For someone who experiences dry eyes and blurred vision, treatment should start by focusing on the dry eyes. As the cause of dry eyes is identified and treated, blurred vision will go away, and you should be able to see clearly once again.

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