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Convenient, Safe, & Effective Dry Eye Treatment

Simple Packaging

Dry Eye Relief Shipped to Your Door

We strive to make the purchasing process as easy as possible. Choose the TearRestore Bundle for daily use or the Base Pack for occasional treatments.

We also offer heat pack subscriptions to ensure that you have a new pack ready when you need it.  


Easy Setup

Snap Heat Pack Into Mask

The TearRestore mask has specially designed hooks around the eye holes. Simply match the eye holes of the heat pack with the mask and hook the edges of the heat pack onto the mask.

Effective Treatment Every Time

"Click" the Metal Disc

Within the heat pack there is a small metal disc. Press the center of metal disc with your thumb or forefinger, this will activate the pack and you will begin to feel the heat.

Made For Everyone

Adjust Strap

Place TearRestore mask and activated heat pack over your head and adjust to be able to see through the eye holes. Pull straps until comfortable then relax and/or continue your day!

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